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SCADA: In Electricity Supply & Distribution System

SCADA Software Package

It is a graphical package that can use Windows NT Operation System. The program provided is intended to incorporate actual AutoCAD campus diagrams and maps besides real time information at the top of this graphic background. The AutoCAD single line diagram can further be overlaid by such items as status of breakers and switches, alarms, power system parameters and event and historical data logs. The system allows detailed view of the operations by the technicians. Monthly energy reports and alarms are generated by SCADA automatically and the scope can further be enhanced with growing needs. Addition of IED meters lends more flexibility and expendability to the system.

Current Benefits

Operators get immediate information from SCADA as and when a particular section of the distribution system goes down. Therefore the system operators can give information on the problem to the researchers, building managers and other people of the unit. The data on performance and trend are promptly, reliably and accurately provided by SCADA. The affected parts like the electrical power loop can be easily identified by the technicians for responding suitably. SCADA provides historical data that enables the engineers to improve system performance through planning and trending of the electrical load. As across the campus use of SCADA expands, more functions can be utilized by the system. For example, automatic reporting can replace manual reading of the meter. Also the operators armed with the information on real time alarms and data can respond promptly to a situation. Thus quality information can be provided to the customers proactively.

Future Needs

At any location of the distribution system, the failure of electrical power system needs to be identified by the power system operators immediately from remote locations. Considering the varied needs of the energy using community, there is need for more accurate historical information and real time alarm system. The demands for trending the historic data would continually increase.

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